Study in Singapore

Study in Singapore

Singapore is a modern city and one of the most secure, well-associated and cleanest nations in the world. As it is Asia's significant business centre point, it is attracting a large number of companies from all over the world. A multicultural nation, Singapore is open, inviting, and an incredible spot to live, play and learn.

Singapore is an extremely well-known place for students who are looking for study overseas. It holds the reputed universities of the world. It is a perfect destination for international students who are thriving for a unique and contemporary higher education experience.

Let's get to know about how the education system and what all you need to have to get there for pursuing higher education from one of the finest universities in the world.

Education in Singapore:

Singapore is considered as a gateway to Asia and West. Pursuing higher education in Singapore will give you access to world-class educational resources at a lower cost of living and tuition fee. When it comes to Visa approval process for Singapore is hassle-free and much easy. Singapore ranked among the top for the quality of life in the Mercer Quality of the Living global survey for the year 2009, as well as got an award for the world's best infrastructure city in the same survey.

Entry Requirements:

Entry requirements based on the University or college that you choose. As English is the widely accepted language all over the world and Singapore is not an exception for that. Students required to meet a minimum standard of English. In general, student knowledge is tested in the form of:

Students require to pass the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) general test or GMAT or SAT. Students from India can elect to use GATE, instead of GRE score.

Note: It is not mandatory for the many colleges to pass the GRE/GMAT/SAT, but it is an added advantage if you have attempted these tests before.

Universities in Singapore:

Singapore has seven local universities among which Six public and one private. These institutes are offering master study programmes which are;

Expenditure for accomodation, and Tuition fee in a Singapore.

The fee structure of the educational programs varies from institute to institute. It ranges between S$ 6,500-7,500 and for postgraduate programs the fees range from S$ 7,500-,8,500.

Singapore accounts to provide the highest standard of living among all Asian countries. The cost of living is quite low compared to western continents. The basic necessities, such as food clothing and shelter, comes at a very reasonable price.

The cost of living for an international student would range on an average between S$700 to S$2,000 for a month. This could vary based on the lifestyle of individuals and the course of study.

Documents required for Singapore Education:

From the Applicant,

After study Benefits: