Study in Newzealand

Study in Newzealand

Anzac Consultants is the best New Zealand Education Consultants in Hyderabad. Are you seeking an overseas education destination with a reasonable fee and a better typical cost for living than most different countries? Look no further than New Zealand.

New Zealand is undoubtedly turning into the initial choice for students who dream of seeking after high caliber overseas education with a down to earth direction that can enable them to emerge from the group. New Zealand today boasts off a portion of the world's top universities and an extraordinary quality of life.

Top Reasons to Choose New Zealand for Higher Education

New Zealand provides world-class education and fantastic courses from universally recognized universities. In any case, these are not only the reasons that make it an ideal destination for education for international students. Here, check the top-rated reasons that make New Zealand one of the best countries for studies.

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Education System in New Zealand

New Zealand's education system is centered on practical learning as well as offering students top to bottom bits of knowledge into theoretical concepts. With an engaged way to deal with top-notch education, New Zealand's education framework/system has earned the recognization of a standout amongst the best education system in the world by London's Legatum Institute.

The system depends on a three-level Model, with Primary and Secondary education followed by University education. You will be astounded to realize that the education system of the nation is encouraged by high levels of funds distributed through the private sector.

The universities offer various programs depending on the interests of the students, and the students are allowed to pick the courses of their choice. The levels available are as follows:

Top Universities in NZ

The education in New Zealand is offered from reputed Universities, Polytechnics, Training Providers and Private Institutes. Inspire of being a geographically small country, New Zealand houses the top 3 universities among the top 3% of universities in the world.

The best universities in New Zealand are

  1. Auckland University of Technology
  2. University of Otego
  3. University of Waikato
  4. University of Auckland
  5. University of Canterbury
  6. Lincoln University
  7. Massey University
  8. Victoria University of Wellington

Popular Courses for the Indian Students

The courses that are popular in New Zealand for Indian students are:

Qualifications Offered

The qualifications in New Zealand are offered under various levels.

Undergraduate Level

Post-Graduate Leve

How to Apply?

It is advisable to begin your application procedure around 6-8 months ahead of time to the initiation date of the course. There are commonly two intakes in a year – January and July. As a rule, applications are welcomed at the beginning of August of the preceding year.

The general eligibility criteria are as follows:

English Proficiency


Post Graduate

Basic Documentation Required

Other Supportive Documents

Financial Documents Needed

How to Get PR in New Zealand after Study?

A student visa is mandatory for people who are traveling to New Zealand with the end goal of a program, course, training program, or schooling for over 3 months. The most widely recognized visa that Indian students over 18 years old apply for is ‘Foreign Government Supported Student Visa, Pathway Student Visa, Fee Paying Student Visa and Exchange Student Visa.’

For students and candidates who stayed a minimum of two years in the country and wish to acquire a Permanent Residence Visa need to follow a procedure. This area enlightens you everything about availing a PR visa in New Zealand.

Basic Requirements for PR Visa in New Zealand

The basic requirements to obtain a Permanent Residence visa in New Zealand are:

Types of PR in New Zealand for Indian Students

Summing Up

New Zealand is a perfect nation to get higher education and acquire a thriving occupation. To ensure you have an advantageous and hassle-free procedure to visa endorsement in New Zealand you should contact the visa specialists in India, Anzac Consultants. For more information about overseas study in New Zealand, Contact us today!