Study in Ireland

Study in Ireland

Want to study in Ireland? Then you are in the perfect place. Anzac Consultants is the best higher education consultants in Hyderabad. Many students like you, would love to pursue their higher education from one of the top universities of the world. There are multiple countries which hold the world's finest universities and best suitable for the education needs of the international students and Ireland is one among the top countries to consider for higher education. It has got all the amenities required for students before and after education.

High living standard, diversified culture, excellent environment, and more importantly, excellent education system of Ireland have become a beautiful place to consider for higher study. Instead of all these things, there are a lot more things that have contributed to making Ireland the top-notch education hubs in the world.

So, let's get to know the things which are essential to consider if you want to study in Ireland

About Ireland:

Ireland is considered as an excellent place for education, and warm culture. This small island nation is attracting most of the students from all corners of the world every year. Ireland is a part of the European Union. The main other reason to consider Ireland is just because of its language instruction. All most all course are available in the English language only so, it could be helpful for the students across the world.

Ireland is well known for its diversified culture and environment. It has everything from Greenhills to metropolitan cities. As a student, you will have an opportunity to experience the beauty of Ireland, and its vibrancy. The best thing that you can observe in Ireland is a low unemployment rate and a thriving business culture. Ireland has also considered by the economists that it's one of the best places to live in the world.

Education In Ireland:

As we know it is a part of the European Union hence students from the EU can study in Ireland without any visa requirements but the students of non-EU it is advisable to prepare in a year advance for the visa. This will ease up many other things such as providing proof of living expenses, and applying to university of your choice, etc. Visa requirements for studying in Ireland vary based on the origin of the country.

The education system in Ireland:

The education system in Ireland is Similar to that in India. The education system consists of primary schools, secondary schools, third level colleges and professional institutions for higher education. The third level of education is considered as the higher level, which contains professional courses and doctoral and research programmes, the duration of which varies based on the courses you choose. Even some of the colleges are providing diploma courses to students.

International students are allowed to take admission into any third level institutes. Ireland has a total of Nine universities among which two are situated in Northern Ireland and 7 in the republic. These universities provide a wide range of diversified courses such as Bachelor degrees, master degree programs and diplomas etc.

Apart from the institutes mentioned above, there are other more 14 technological institutes which offer a wide range of subjects like engineering and science. Ireland National Certification Authority looks after and regulates and validates courses such as courses in science and engineering and science. This validation helps these institutes in maintaining high standards of education.

There are other types of educational institutes which provides higher education and independent third level colleges. All these colleges have accreditation from the National Certification Authority or the Universities.

Visa application process:

The visa application process varies based on the course you are going to choose from. Once you fill the application, the form will be scrutinised by the office for Graduate Studies. February is the deadline for the majority of the courses. The fee for the application process increases proportionally to the closer to the higher the fee and vice versa. Hence you are advised to apply for the visa at the earliest. The visa application process differs from the university to university, so it is advisable to check the application before you apply.

Grading System in Ireland:

The grading system in Ireland also similar to that in India. Above 70% is considered as first class, 65-69 is upper second class, between 60-65 is considered as lower second class, between 55-59 is considered as third class honours and below 55 % is regarded as Ordinary.

Accommodation In Ireland:

In general, accommodation for the college or institute can arrange international students. Majority of the Universities and colleges have housing departments which eliminate the problems for the students to search for the accommodation or off-campus living. Some colleges and universities even guarantee the shelter for the first year. And later its students choice if they wish to continue they can or otherwise they can choose to accommodate themselves out wherever they want.

Cost Of living in Ireland:

Language Proficiency:

Majority of the Universities require IELTS band of 5.0 to 6.5 or iBT score 79 to 90 or TOEFL CBT scores 213-237. The above-mentioned scores are just idle ones you are required to check the individual course requirements before you are going to apply.

Study and work in Ireland:

In general, foreign or non_EU students requires a permit to operate in Ireland. Students can be allowed to work up to 20 hours per week during the school periods, and in holidays, they are allowed to work up to 40 hours per week during the official holidays. The pay rates also high you could earn anywhere between 6 to 20 euros per hour.

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Summing Up:

Pursuing higher education is no longer a dream; it is a simplified process with Anzac consultants. With proper assistance and support, anyone can get there and make there a dream come true by joining in the best universities in the world.

We provide the best assistance for the students whoever wants to pursue their dream career in Ireland. We take care of all the things right from the application process to till you reach Ireland. Our group of experts will take care of the visa and admission process without causing any trouble to students. We even guide you on how to get a job after course completion.